How to make a dwarf rabbit happy

Rabbits are intelligent and curious animals. This is precisely why they get bored easily if they don’t have enough space to explore or enough toys to distract themselves with.

Anyone who already has a rabbit at home knows that a bored rabbit can also be a mischievous rabbit.

Just follow these short tips to be able to live with a rabbit that is always busy and therefore always happy.

Give your rabbit its own space

If your rabbit is forced to stay in a cage or enclosed space for long periods during the day, make sure it can come out and roam freely in a rabbit-proof room for at least a few hours.


Rabbits love to explore and sniff around, and they also need space to stretch their legs, run, and hop.

Get down to your rabbit's level

Your rabbit, as you should know, prefers to interact with you at its own level: the floor. I recommend that you lie down on the ground if possible and let your rabbit sniff and investigate you. This exchange will build mutual trust and make your rabbit attached to you.


I assure you that once your rabbit feels completely comfortable around you, it will want to spend time with you, cuddling and playing.


If you want to learn more, I recommend reading Dwarf Rabbit: How to make it attached.

Create many cardboard toys

Cardboard is an excellent tool for entertaining your rabbit at (almost) zero cost. By cutting doors and windows out of an old box, you can easily turn it into a castle. Your rabbit will love hiding inside and spending hours “renovating” it.


To make the game even more fun, you can build a multi-room or multi-level castle.

Games to shake, toss, and spin

Rabbits love games that they can grab with their mouth and toss around. They have a lot of fun with all the toys suitable for birds. However, remember that there are many DIY ways to entertain your rabbit, just as many as those available to buy in stores or online.