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Dwarf rabbit at home: how to take care of it?

With the arrival of your rabbit, it’s important to be informed about the basics of their care. The goal is to create a healthy and peaceful environment for the new family member.


From diet to litter, to organizing the house “rabbit-proof,” the articles in this section are designed to help you create a tranquil environment with a healthy outlook for your rabbit.


Happy reading!

Dwarf rabbits are unique animals, and as such, they need an owner who is a loving and patient playmate, willing to spend time with them playing and taking care of them.


Here is an overview on how to take care of your dwarf rabbit: from organizing their space to taking care of their needs and requirements.

What does a dwarf rabbit eat? Just like you, your dwarf rabbit enjoys a good meal. And remember that their diet is completely vegetarian: a good mix of hay, vegetables, pellets, and a bowl of fresh water will make them happy and keep them healthy.


Continue reading the article if you want to learn more about what to feed your dwarf rabbit.

Imagine a food pyramid for rabbits. What do you see at the base? If you’re thinking of pellets, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This idea is often promoted in pet stores or food and accessory shops.


But actually, the most important ingredient in your rabbit’s diet, at the base of our pyramid, is hay.


Fresh hay should be available to your rabbit at all times.

Hosting a dwarf rabbit in your home means making it part of the family and therefore giving it ownership of certain spaces in the house.


Here your rabbit will be protected from the harsh winter weather or excessive summer heat, as well as from any predators. Moreover, it will bond with you and be happy to be a part of your life.


There are numerous possibilities for providing the best accommodation for your rabbit at home: let’s discover them together!

Dwarf rabbits tend to dig and chew on anything they have around. To protect them from potential dangers, but also to protect the furniture in your home, you will need to make it “rabbit-proof”.


Follow me and I’ll show you how to secure it in a few simple steps: from covering cables and floor skirting boards to indoor plants. 


Everything will be safe and he will live peacefully.

The first fundamental rule to learn how to hold your dwarf rabbit is: never pick it by the ears! In addition to being very painful, it is also particularly risky for your friend.


Would you ever want to be pulled by the ears?!? Let’s remember never to do something to our rabbit that we don’t want to suffer.


But don’t worry: let’s discover together the rules to make the most of it.

A myth to debunk is that dwarf rabbits are dirty animals. In reality, rabbits are an excellent choice as a pet because they can be trained to use a litter box, just like cats.


If you’re wondering how to train your dwarf rabbit to only use the litter box, follow these simple steps.

A clean, well-groomed rabbit is definitely a happy and healthy rabbit. Rabbits clean themselves, but what if you need to give your rabbit a bath?


In this article, you will find some useful tips for keeping your rabbit looking and feeling great, from giving a bath (if strictly necessary) to grooming.


Let’s find out together, step by step, or rather, hop by hop.

Since your domestic dwarf rabbit doesn’t have the opportunity to dig or use its nails in your home, they will inevitably grow too long.


Keeping your dwarf rabbit’s nails at a suitable length is actually very important. Long nails could round towards the paw or get stuck in something, causing great discomfort to your little one.

One of the best things about keeping a rabbit at home is that, if you want, you can grow most of the vegetables it eats in your own vegetable garden.


From lettuce to cabbage, but also carrots and herbs.


In fact, you don’t have to be an expert gardener or own acres of land to grow your furry friend’s favorite plants. Let’s see together how to do it.