Jumps, bites and flops. Your rabbit's behavior

From wild races, to happy jumps to bites and peeing on the couch. The dwarf rabbit has a unique and unrepeatable language.


But what do all these different behaviors mean? The articles in this section will help you unravel the mystery.


Happy reading!

Rabbits are gentle and calm animals. Being prey animals in nature, it is in their interest not to attract too much attention.


That being said, they also naturally express themselves through a unique and recognizable language.


From hops to frenzied runs, to flops, licks, and grunts, let’s discover together in this article all the movements that make up the unique language of your dwarf rabbit.

Sometimes everyone is fascinated by the sweet behavior of their new companion at home. However, it also happens to completely surrender to their destructive frenzy when, being inexperienced, we give them too much space or do not secure our belongings. Carpets are chewed, books are corroded, and floors are scratched.


But how can we avoid all of this?

Many find themselves in this situation: a crazy rabbit that, once well-behaved with the litter box, becomes a terror in the house by peeing on the couch.


But why does this happen? And what to do in these situations?


Let’s discover together how to prevent your dwarf rabbit from peeing on the couch and how to restore order in the house.

Some people are surprised when they see their rabbits or their friends’ rabbits behaving like “domestic animals”.


Many, in fact, don’t even know that rabbits are wonderful indoor pets that can give strong emotions just like a cat or a dog, but in their own unique way. But how can you make a dwarf rabbit get attached to you?

It is well known that rabbits are cute and cuddly animals. But then, why does it seem like my rabbit hates me?!?


In this article, I will analyze some of the most common negative behaviors to get an idea of how to remedy them.


From biting to peeing, let’s try to understand together why rabbits misbehave and how to solve the problem for every situation.

Rabbits are intelligent and curious animals. This is why they easily get bored if they don’t have enough space to explore or enough toys to keep them entertained. Anyone who already has a rabbit at home knows that a bored rabbit can become a mischievous rabbit. Here are some tips to keep your rabbit always happy.

While some dwarf rabbits prefer to be the only ones to take the cuddles and be the masters of the house, other rabbits love the company of their peers.


A second rabbit can bring years of joy, fun and companionship to your bunny. But be careful, it’s not always love at first sight! Sometimes this choice will require a lot of patience, time and energy.


But how to choose the perfect companion?

Whether it’s bowling or playing with a ball of tissues, rabbits love to play. And since every dwarf rabbit has its own personality, your goal at the beginning will be to discover how your friend likes to have fun.


Here are some suggestions for games that, in my experience, have been really appreciated.


Rabbits enjoy toys that cater to their natural tendencies. Let’s discover them!

Rabbits are curious and intelligent animals. They enjoy playing and using their intelligence, especially if the reward is food. This allows us to keep them entertained with games that stimulate their cognitive abilities.


Intelligence games can help prevent boredom and maintain a constant level of stimulation.

Building a cardboard castle for your rabbit is a simple and inexpensive way to keep them busy. Your rabbit will spend hours “renovating” it, chewing new doors and knocking down walls.


In this article, you will find information on the necessary materials and some ideas on how to do it, but creativity will be your best resource.


Have fun building it!