Dollari nel terreno

How much does a dwarf rabbit cost

Many people might be mistaken in thinking that a rabbit is a “low-cost” pet. The truth is that if a rabbit is loved, cared for, and followed by a good veterinarian, it can live for 10 years or even longer. This means that when considering the costs of keeping your rabbit, you will need to think not in the short term, but in the long term.


You will need to ask yourself if you have and will have enough time, energy, resources, space, and of course, money to maintain your lifestyle and that of your rabbit. But, no worries. Below you will find a list that I have tried to compile as accurately as possible on the initial and subsequent costs of hosting your new friend at home.

Initial costs

Total initial costs around 300€

Fixed costs per month

Total fixed monthly costs around €100.

Unforeseen costs

  • Veterinarian: Rabbits require regular check-ups from a specialized veterinarian. Young rabbits will need to be vaccinated, checked and sometimes sterilized. And unfortunately, no matter how much care you take, rabbits can get sick. The cost of a veterinarian for visits, medicine and interventions can become quite high.
  • Something breaks: The expenses to replace all the accessories that periodically wear out, break or get used up (bowls, drinking bottles, litter boxes…) should be taken into account.
  • Furniture and objects arrangement: Unfortunately, sometimes even some furniture or objects that we care about can break or get accidentally ruined by our rabbit. This is not a problem as the benefits of having a small animal in the house outweigh the value of the objects. However, if they are useful objects they need to be bought again and this can result in extra costs.
  • Toys and tunnels: Another variable cost is toys, some of which are consumable by nature. It is essential to replace them to entertain our friend and prevent him from becoming lazy or bored, but these are also costs to consider for his happiness.


This is a list of costs based on my personal experience. You may be able to lower the costs for certain items, but if this is your first experience with a rabbit and you’re considering adopting one, please seriously consider the long-term costs.


It’s important to ensure that our furry friends have a peaceful life, just like we do. Don’t skimp on food, health, or toys. Instead, try to organize your living space in a smart way to save on wire protection and furniture covering.


If you want to learn more about first time with a rabbit, you can also read Things to Know Before Adopting a Dwarf Rabbit.