Un coniglietto Rex dallo sguardo molto sveglio e intelligente

Intelligence games for the dwarf rabbit

Wild rabbits spend most of their time searching for food. We can’t say the same for our furry friends who live indoors. They are used to being served and revered in ceramic bowls. It’s better that way, otherwise, they might help themselves to furniture and books that are not very healthy for them, but this means they have a lot of free time on their paws. Let’s take a look at some games to keep them busy.


Fortunately, rabbits are curious and intelligent animals. They enjoy playing and using their intelligence, especially if the reward is food. This allows them to pass the time with games that promote their intellectual abilities.


Furthermore, as we know, a bored rabbit is a rabbit looking for something to chew or dig. So, a potentially destructive rabbit. Intelligence games can help ward off boredom and keep them mentally stimulated.

What is an intelligence game

An intelligence game is actually any object that requires your dwarf rabbit to solve a problem. And the reward for solving this problem will always be a treat.


Some games can be purchased at your trusted store, but a wide variety of types can certainly be purchased online.


Intelligence games for rabbits usually consist of movable parts that need to be assembled or disassembled like a puzzle, wheels to spin or bars to move with their paws. There are different levels of difficulty. So you can choose the type, format and level of difficulty for your rabbit.

How and when to play intelligence games

The best time of day to teach your rabbit a new skill is mealtime. This is when they will be the most alert and willing to put in effort to get what they want: food.

To start, I recommend using their favorite treat, such as a dehydrated rabbit treat or a small piece of fresh fruit. This will depend on the type of game you are using and its washability.

The next step is to find a quiet, distraction-free area in their space and sit on the floor with the game in front of you. Let your rabbit smell the treat and place it inside the game so they can see where it is.

The game begins here: leave it on the floor and make sure not to interact or help them. They will need to figure it out on their own to obtain the reward.

If they succeed, you can decide to repeat the game immediately or at another time in the future. If they do not succeed and start losing interest, do not force them to keep playing. It may be smarter to try again at another time. After all, it is a game, and if they are not enjoying it, there is no reason to stress them.

If the game you have chosen does not require your supervision, leave it among their toys and wait for them to return to it on their own. A bored rabbit will surely find the solution that they couldn’t find before.