Forbici per tagliare unghie ai conigli

How to trim your bunny's nails

Since your domestic dwarf rabbit doesn’t have the opportunity to dig or use its nails in your home, they will inevitably grow too long. Maintaining your dwarf rabbit’s nails at an appropriate length is actually very important. Long nails could round off towards the paw or get caught in something, causing great discomfort to your little one.

Trim their nails at home

Trimming the nails of your dwarf rabbit with a nail clipper can seem like an impossible mission, which is why many rabbit owners (but also owners of other pets) prefer to rely on a veterinarian who can solve the problem safely. However, frequent visits to the vet can be particularly difficult to sustain economically.


For this reason, I have decided to create this small guide with some tips on how to trim your rabbit’s nails.

How to

Keep in mind that it is much easier and faster to trim your rabbit’s nails when it is properly immobilized. If possible, ask someone to help you and roll your dwarf rabbit up in a small towel or blanket to reduce possible movements, scratches, and especially to isolate the paws.

Try to carefully examine the nail and check the position of the vein inside. You need to be careful not to cut the part where the blood vessel is located, otherwise your rabbit will start bleeding and feel pain. Also, as we always repeat, rabbits are very delicate creatures and if they experience pain, they may stop eating or have an intestinal blockage.

The nails of some rabbits are quite dark and it may be difficult to identify the part where the vein is present, in this case do not worry because it is sufficient to use a torch to illuminate the nail.

If you accidentally cut the nails too much, you can use a healing powder to stop the bleeding.

Some rabbits are very frightened by the sound of scissors. In these cases, you can consider simply filing the nails, although it may be difficult if they are very long.